Welcome aboard


Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. We promise to try to make it more interesting than a report on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” or a series of “Dear Diary” entries.

We struggled for a while over what to call this blog. Some of the ideas that didn’t make the cut:

Why Mark and Saimi ran away from home.

Voluntarily Vagabond

Chewing our way across the country

Yes, we are crazy.

Can you live on a shoestring in a shoebox?

Traveling in the Tardis (If you’re not a sci fi geek, you won’t get that one.)

To see the USA in our RV Chevrolet (That’s Mark’s. He likes rhymes.)

We settled on a phrase from a favorite show – To Boldly Go – because it seems to capsulize our leap into the unknown. We both retired early, put our house up for sale, and took off in an RV.  The reaction from family and friends has been mixed – everything from “Are you crazy?” to “I’m so jealous.”

Yes, we are a little crazy. We hope you’ll come along on our crazy ride.



10 thoughts on “Welcome aboard

  1. Susanne

    I can definitely get you some good taste, fun sites, ole friends….just come toward Atlanta and you can have a bed without wheels….Would love to have you..


  2. Trudy Runyon

    A “little” crazy?!?… I’m wondering if after a month on the road in your matchbox-mobile what expletives will be used in place of “little” !!! Can’t wait to read more on your blog!!


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