On the river in Little Rock (Saimi’s highlights)


The campground we planned to stay at on the banks of the Arkansas River in Little Rock was full, but the sympathetic host let us stay in “overflow.”  Translated, that’s a parking spot, with a garden hose for water and a giant extension cord for power! We didn’t mind – she only charged us half price ($15 a night).

The campground is at the base of a former railroad trestle that has been converted into a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, complete with flower boxes.






It leads to the Clinton Presidential Library, green space and a 17- mile bike path. Before the library was built, the area was a run down mess of abandoned warehouses.

With apologies to the architect, I must say, from our side of the river, the Library looks like a railroad car.



I was especially impressed that the Clinton Library (built with private donations, not tax money) includes exhibit space for rotating displays. Currently, it’s installation art by world famous glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Several displays, all staggeringly beautiful.



One thought on “On the river in Little Rock (Saimi’s highlights)

  1. A friend just shared your blog address with me and, after your wonderful presentation for our YWCA brunch, I couldn’t wait to start reading. Of course I started at the beginning and am eagerly traversing through your trip. John and I did an around the country trek in 2008, visiting 12 National Parks and putting many miles on the Prius. Thanks for sharing your fun.


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