Clinton Presidential Library – Mark’s highlights


There are only 13 presidential libraries in the country, and we visited one (the first of 13 if I get my way!) in Little Rock. IMG_3249

At the Clinton Presidential Library, there is an apartment for the Clinton family perched on the roof. Grass and gardens and trees cover the roof and help keep the LEEDS building insulated. Floors inside the library are made from bamboo or recycled tires.

Two White House rooms are replicated inside the Library. For the Cabinet Room, the same craftsman who constructed the cabinet members chairs built the chairs for the recreated room. I tried to sit in the president’s chair but was beat out by an elderly woman. I will be working out now to improve my museum walking speed. You can tell which chair is the President’s because the back is two inches higher than the rest. I ended up in the Secretary of Defense chair. The chairs closest to the president are the oldest cabinet offices.

IMG_3264In the Oval Office, Clinton’s collection of military minted coins and many of his other personal belongings were on display.  You can see the coin collection in the photo behind the chair, as well as the replica of the Resolute desk.The desk, made from wood of the British ship, the HMS Resolute, was a gift from Queen Victoria in 1880.

A huge room with floor to ceiling cases houses Clinton’s correspondence. If you ever sent a note to President Clinton, it is somewhere in that room.IMG_3267


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