Perils of fulltime Rving, part 2


We’ve all wondered: Why do tornados seem to target mobile homes and RV parks? Is it an electromagnetic thing – all that metal in one place?

It might only be urban legend. Perhaps RVs aren’t really hit any more often than brick and mortar homes, but the damage is so spectacular that it gets more notice. Even a wimpy tornado doesn’t seem to have any difficulty picking up an RV and sending it sailing like a fly ball to left field.

I’ll admit, when the wind picks up and starts rocking our house on wheels, as it did in Oklahoma City and in Amarillo, we get a teeny bit apprehensive. We also learned the importance of a firm grip on the entry door. A gust grabbed the door from my hands and slammed it against the canopy brace, punching a hole in the door panel. Hubby was NOT pleased.

I’ve since become quite the acrobat, flinging myself at the door handle if it slips away from me. I once had to leap sideways off the step, wrenching my back when I landed, but I saved that dadblamed door (please insert martyred look here).



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