What’s Your Specialty? New Mexico.


Everywhere we travel, we try to sample the local specialty. In Albuquerque, it’s no mystery. No matter where you’re eating or what you order, chances are it will have green chiles in it.

You will find half-inch squares of this mild chile in your eggs (no surprise) and on your roast beef sandwich (a little surprising).  And not a small amount. In fact, my breakfast burrito, bought at the Balloon Fiesta, had so many chiles that I could not taste anything else.


A side note :  At the Balloon Fiesta – like many other festivals and midways – the farther you walk,  the cheaper the prices. Near the entry gate, the food stands sold breakfast burritos for $7.  After a 10-minute walk, the price dropped to $6. Near the center of the park, I bought my burrito for $5. The same price drop held true for souvenirs.

Just something to keep in mind when visiting amusement parks and flea markets as well.


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