Never the Same View Twice


By Mark Bergmann
No matter the view, the Grand Canyon does not disappoint. We have visited three times and not seen the same vista. We took a long walk north from the visitor’s center to see some grand views. IMG_3566

It was a easy walk because of the new asphalt path along the rim. About half mile along the path, the park service started a controlled fire to clear out some dense brush but the wind that day created a firestorm and took the fire to the canyon rim. Evidence of the burn was all around with new vegetation and charred wood. (Saimi posted a photo earlier that shows the charred wood from that fire.)
I highly recommend walking away from the crowds to hear the wind and birds. IMG_3573This can be done even with a crowded park because most people do not walk that far from the visitor’s center or their car. Friends have told us how fantastic a walk below the rim is, so that is on tap for the next visit.IMG_3572



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