Death Valley without the heat.


by Mark Bergmann

You’d think Death Valley would be a boring expanse of nothing, but there is actually so much to see here that it requires at least a three day stay. To do that in the summer would be difficult because of temperatures regularly in triple digits. The highest temp ever recorded in the world was 134 degrees at Furnace Creek.
High season for Death Valley is December through March. During our “winter” visit, temperatures were comfortable around 75 degrees.
Driving into Death Valley from Shoshone, I was not sure when we might run across the next gas station so I decided to top off the motor home. BIG mistake! The gas price photo says it all. (Most of the country was under $2.00 a gallon. In the park, we paid $4.05 and $3.50 but that seemed like a bargain.)IMG_3734
As the sun dropped below the mountains we found a campsite for $12.00. Sounds like a good deal until you realize in the morning that you are basically in a parking lot with no water or electricity. I guess the view was worth a couple of bucks.IMG_3765


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