Favorite meal in Ventura


By Saimi Rote Bergmann

Best meal we ate in Ventura? It’s a tie.

Lunch at “Rice” and… dinner at “Rice.”  Yep, we did something we rarely do – ate twice at the same restaurant.  Then we did something we never do – ORDERED THE SAME MEAL.

Fabulous Thai curry. “Brown” rice that is actually maroon.  And crisp taquito-sized eggrolls that prompted me to do another thing I rarely do – eat an entire egg roll.

If you visit Ventura, you’ll see two restaurants named “Rice,” just one block apart.  The family that owned the original restaurant had a disagreement and some members left and started a second restaurant, using the same name and the same menu.

We chose the restaurant with the sidewalk seating (not sure which part of the family we sided with!). Being from gray Ohio, we are like cats, seeking sunbeams wherever we can. So we ate outside, and  marveled at the sun, the warm breeze and the lack of bugs.IMG_4101IMG_4106


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