Ventura Highway. And other famous stuff.


“Ventura highway

in the sunshine

Where the days are longer

The nights are stronger

Than moonshine

You’re gonna go

I know”


If you remember that song, well, you’re old. It was released in 1972, but I can still sing most of the lyrics.

So I felt a sort of thrill, and a connection, when we drove down Ventura Highway (in the sunshine). This feeling happened to us a lot in Los Angeles. So many iconic towns, streets, and sights are here that you’re almost constantly casting about for the connection: “Is this from a song? A movie? Why is this famous?”

Century City. Sunset Boulevard. Marina Del Ray. Wilshire Boulevard. Santa Monica. Malibu. Burbank. It goes on and on.

But nothing is more iconic than the Hollywood sign. There are many places to go for a view of the sign, but we chose the Griffith Observatory and a hike. Totally worth it.



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