Cerreta Candy Co. preps for Super Bowl


“Chocolate! It’s a chocolate factory! Stop!” I shrieked at Mark as our RV sailed past the Cerreta Candy Co in Glendale (near Phoenix). He was a man on a mission, driving to the University of Phoenix stadium, the site of today’s Super Bowl. But after a glance at my mutinous face, his self preservation instinct kicked in and he turned around. NEVER get between a woman and her chocolate.

Could the shirt I’m wearing be more appropriate? (Resistance is futile.)


Cerreta is a 40-year old family-owned chocolate manufacturer that reminded me a bit of Heggy’s back in Stark County, Ohio. In fact, their signature confection is a green rectangle that tasted very similar to Heggy’s pink French Mint.


Chocolate footballs were everywhere, from palm sized to one taller than me.


It was, of course in honor of the Super Bowl. During our visit Monday, we saw businesses prepping for the big event all over town. These window artists said they were “super” busy.




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