Presidential Libraries


As you might expect, the Presidential Libraries for Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton each have their own personality. Clinton’s was more like a library with “green” written all over it, from the recycled rubber floors to the ergonomic grass-covered rooftop. Reagan’s showplace in Simi Valley seemed to reflect his California lifestyle, and was more museum than a library. IMG_4165
IMG_4161IMG_4162This Marine One (pictured) was not used by Reagan. Five previous presidents used it. President Obama is still using the Marine One Reagan flew in.

Both libraries had replicated Oval Offices. Interestingly, Reagan chose earthy tones for his color scheme in the office. According to a Reagan Library docent, every president goes on a shopping spree, so to speak, at the Smithsonian to pick out items to decorate the oval office.
Every Oval Office features a portrait of George Washington hung over the fireplace. Reagan chose a portrait of a younger Washington while Clinton chose a portrait with a older Washington.IMG_4139

Clinton’s Oval OfficeIMG_3266





One thought on “Presidential Libraries

  1. Laura V

    I really love your blog and seeing all the cool places you travel! Keep it up Bergmanns! Also – Mark looks very regal next to the prez.


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