Do this, don’t do that – Can’t you read the sign?


“Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, Do this, don’t do that, Can’t you read the signs?” — Five Man Electrical Band

This song kept playing in my head while we were in Ventura, because everywhere we went we saw signs that said, in various ways from polite to angry, “Only customers can use our restrooms.”

We eventually figured out that the high population of homeless people had prompted businesses to post the warnings.  Our favorite? The succinct shop sign, “No pay, no pee.”

We’ve seen other signs on our travels that prompted a smile…


While some made us snicker…


And still others made us wince…


We saw business names that were startling…


And business slogans that were PERFECT.



One thought on “Do this, don’t do that – Can’t you read the sign?

  1. I love the shop hours sign! In my hometown there’s one feed store with a carved wooden hours sign that says things like “Monday to Friday open at 8am unless the kids are farting around getting ready for school.” And Friday, “Close at 3:30 unless there’s an early dismissal.”


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