Hey Montezuma! What’s it with your name?


I have heard of Montezuma’s Revenge but not his castle. As you travel Interstate 17, south of Sedona, stop at Camp Verde to see Montezuma’s Castle. It is worth the short drive from the highway.IMG_4631
This striking cliff dwelling is an amazing structure considering construction by the Sinagua Indians started 900 years ago.IMG_4638
So about the name…..it was a mistake. This is an excerpt from the Native American Netroots website –
“In the mid-nineteenth century, the abandoned pueblo was “discovered” by Americans who arrogantly assumed that such a complex and elaborate structure could not have been built by the “primitive” Indians of North America and thus believed that it had been built by the Mexican Aztecs. They named it Montezuma Castle based on this belief, naively unaware that the structure predated the rise of the Aztecs in Mexico.”

There is a lot of history and interesting information about Native Americans at the national park but alas for some…… it is just too overwhelming.IMG_4652


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