Heading to Vermont for some leaf peeping


By Saimi Rote Bergmann

Round two. Here we go again, heading off for our second vagabond tour. This time, we will travel the U.S. clockwise.

First, as they say on TV, a review of season one. Hubby and I sold our Ohio home and hit the road in September, 2014. We drove west, high points including the Bourbon Trail just south of Louisville, Ky., the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, and a taping of Betty White’s show, “Hot in Cleveland,” in Hollywood. Also enjoyed Death Valley and visiting the Clinton and Reagan presidential libraries, in Arkansas and California, respectively.

And oh, the food. We remember most cities by the dishes we enjoyed. Traveling on our stomaches, to twist a phrase.

After eight months and 12,000 miles through 22 states we returned to Ohio for the summer, so I could run Foodie Field Trips, a seasonal tour company I own with Jennifer Mastroianni. (www.foodiefieldtripsohio.com)

Today we left Ohio, heading east to New England. Because hubby was a college professor, we never could vacation in the fall, and I’ve always wanted to go leaf peeping in Vermont and New Hampshire.








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