This meal goes into the Breakfast Hall of Fame


Burlington, Vermont, home to three universities, is littered with restaurants, so it was nigh impossible to choose just one. I asked every single resident I could find, including fellow bus riders, to recommend an eatery.  Penny Cluse Cafe got numerous nominations, so we went there for brunch.

Hubby got their justifiably famous gingerbread pancakes, served with, of course, authentic Vermont maple syrup.  I got a breakfast platter with homefries good enough to write home about. But it was the biscuits and gravy that made this meal a stand out. Instead of sausage, the gravy is flavored with myriad herbs. This stuff is so good the locals buy it by the pint and take it home rather than stand in long lines waiting for a table.

I will definitely be trying to make this – what a treat for my vegetarian daughter.




2 thoughts on “This meal goes into the Breakfast Hall of Fame

  1. Trudy Runyon

    HELLOOOOOO!!!! Let us not forget about your vegetarian friend when you replicate this meal! I will bring wine..because drinking with you two is all the entertainment I need!

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