Take photos at your own risk.


by Mark Bergmann
Scenic pullovers are not always readily available traveling in Vermont. Sometimes you have to slam on the brakes (which does not translate to a quick stop when you are driving a house on wheels) and take your chances with a berm stop. We have often wished for a construction worker’s brightly colored vest.

This was one such stop. IMG_8933When we glimpsed this stunning view, I careened off to the side to park, then crossed four lanes of 55 mile an hour traffic, then walked back a quarter-mile while dodging rocks thrown up by passing semi trucks.IMG_8943

There are many beautiful trees in Ohio but I noticed a difference in Vermont and New Hampshire. Instead of just one or two types of trees in a stand, it’s common here to see five or six different varieties, each with its own signature hue. I often felt like I was  driving down a tunnel of fire with red, orange, burgundy, gold, pink and yellow blasting me from all sides for miles and miles.


Sorry, just could not leave these extra photos out.IMG_8807


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