Whoopee for Whoopie


By Saimi Bergmann

The Whoopie Pie, like many sweet treats*, was born in the 1920s. Where? Well, that’s up for debate. Pennsylvania and Maine both claim to have invented the Whoopee Pie — which isn’t a pie at all, but more a cake shaped like a cookie.

While in Freeport, Maine, we stopped at a cheerful bakery called Wicked Whoopies. After a lot of browsing and debate, we got a chocolate with mint filling, a chocolate with peanut butter filling, and the oatmeal with traditional cream filling. The chocolate “pies” were wicked good, but the oatmeal was our runaway favorite.


The gal running the shop was friendly and despite being busy, offered help with photographs. “You gotta get this shot,” she said, carefully picking up a large Whoopie Pie and placing it in my hands. “Now hold it up.”

When you hear someone say a food was “as big as my face,” you suspect a bit of hyperbole. In this case, I’d be understating.

Turns out, these oversized Wicked Whoopies are a popular birthday cake.



*Do you know of any other sweets from the 20s?


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