A vagabond’s lament – meet cool folks, hello, goodbye.


It’s happened to all of us – you meet someone and you click right away. Conversation flows easily, common interests are discovered, and laughter ensues. When you are a fulltime RVer on the move, connections like this are bittersweet because you know they are fleeting.

To Jennifer Meyer and Kate Hill- I regret we had such a short time together in Sturbridge, Mass., but I think of you every time I open my fridge!

These two gals from from Oregon have been traveling across the U.S. like us (www.oneyearontheroad.com), and when we met they had just been to Cape Cod. By luck, they got there in time to witness the cranberry harvest. Jennifer was trying to get some photos when a truck driver stopped and offered her a higher vantage point by standing on his cranberry-laden truck.

She got her shot, then he offered, “You want some cranberries?” and scooped a bunch into a plastic bag. Apparently a believer in pass-it-on, Jennifer offered us some of the cranberries that “fell off the truck.”IMG_9285

I made this tart cranberry applesauce, with apple cider from Vermont, apples from Maine, cranberries from Massachusettes, and a little brown sugar.


4 thoughts on “A vagabond’s lament – meet cool folks, hello, goodbye.

  1. Carol Simon

    Hi Saimi,
    Wish I had known you were going to be on Cape Cod. If you remember, I spend a great deal of the summer there in Orleans. I would loved to have given you some restaurants and other sites to visit. Andyou could have met my Swedish daughter-in-law and seen her gardens – maybe even met the cookbook author Sarah Leah Chase. We just came back to Canton about 10 days ago and brought over 10 pounds of cranberies with us.

    Carol Simon

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    • Wow, how sweet of you to think of us that way, Carol. We did not make it out to Cape Cod, but watching the cranberry harvest is still on my bucket list. So when we do go, i will definitely let you know!


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