The Bristol Car Wash


by Mark Bergmann

ESPN is not open for public tours, but lucky us, we had a connection. Thanks Toni Collins (former student) for arranging a tour of ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

I felt like I was walking on a college campus because of the many buildings and beautifully landscaped grounds. Hard to believe it all started here in a single trailer.

In the course of a workday, ESPN anchors and reporters run from radio studios to TV studios to digital studios. When an athlete or other celebrity arrives on campus, they go through the same show-to-show runaround, dubbed by Bob Ley “The Bristol Car Wash.” I am sure during Connecticut winters they are grateful that buildings are connected by interior walkways. IMG_9219


I have been in several studios, but I have never seen a TV studio as massive as the one housing flagship show, Sports Center. There are video monitors everywhere….even in the floor.IMG_9234

One humongous video monitor moves out from the wall to center studio on a track.IMG_9240

IMG_9243 IMG_9241
Until the year-old digital building was built, Sports Center had to share studio space with other shows. Now Sports Center and NFL Live have their own studios in the digital building pictured behind Toni (ESPN Anchor and Mount alum) and meIMG_9262.

In the digital building, one wall is covered with notable sayings from ESPN personalities. IMG_9216 IMG_9208


The tour ended with a laugh at these video panels where you can watch the hysterical ESPN promos.IMG_9255





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