Best cheeseburger I’ve had in years – cook says it’s all how you stack it


While camping in Augusta, Georgia, we went for a walk and ended up on a dead end street. There, we stumbled onto the Finish Line Cafe. We thought any business that could survive on a DEAD END STREET must have something to offer, so we stopped for lunch.

The “cafe” turned out to be more bar than eatery, but undaunted, we slid onto barstools and asked Chante, the pretty half-Hawaiian bartender, “What’s good to eat?” Without hesitating, she said “My cheeseburgers.” Two fellows at the bar nodded in agreement. Sold.

One bite and I turned to my husband and saw the same awe-struck look I knew was on my face.

The first step to a great burger is great beef, and the grilled onion slice instead of raw was inspired, but Chante believes the architecture of the burger plays a role as well. She talked about how the mustard has to touch the pickles and the mayo has to touch the lettuce and there was more but I was so entranced with my burger that I missed it.  IMG_20151105_134140173


Turns out the how-to-stack discussion is all over foodie sites and blogs. Everyone says the lettuce should not touch the burger or it will get warm and wilt, but that is where the agreement ends. Check out discussions here at Beyond Meat,  and here at Chowhound and here.

What do you think? Do you stack willy nilly? Or are you militant  about what goes where?  Share please.

IMG_20151104_151108482P.S. We were supposed to leave Augusta the next morning  but we killed time until we could go back to the Finish Line for another cheeseburger. We worried it wouldn’t live up to our mental hype, but it was even better the second time around.


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