A vagabond’s lament – contents will shift


By Saimi Rote Bergmann

When you live in a regular house, your breakables are safe unless you are hit by an earthquake. When you live in a house on wheels, a pothole can do equal damage.

Somewhere along interstate-10, something shifted inside a storage compartment, and this happened…IMG_9526

Which of course meant this had to happen…IMG_9533

As annoying as it was to have to empty everything out to dry, I secretly wish I could have seen the explosion happen. Wouldn’t it be cool if the can flew around like a balloon that’s been punctured?


2 thoughts on “A vagabond’s lament – contents will shift

  1. Hey, where are you guys now? We’re in Savannah, heading to northern Florida. Any suggestions for good places to stay between here and Lake City, Florida? (I really wanted to go to Augusta and try out those burgers, but it was way out of the way.)

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