What I miss since we’ve become fulltime RVers on the road


By Saimi Rote Bergmann

My beads. My mosaic tiles. Flower arranging. My car. A fully equipped kitchen. My vegetable garden, even the weeds. This is how desperate I’ve become – I even miss weeding.

Of course it goes without saying that since selling our house in Ohio and going on the lam, I’ve missed my friends. But right now, stuck in one place for more than a month, I miss something to do. 

I miss crafting. I had two full cupboards of every imaginable crafting supply. If I got bored or had a spare minute, I could create something.

I miss my garden, especially the tomatoes and the herbs.

And – here it comes – I even miss work.  Not my former job, but the actual process of working. The purpose, the helping, the challenge, the paycheck.

So… hubby (also restless) and I held a meeting. After we visit family for Christmas and New Year’s, we are pulling up roots, er, wheels, and heading west again. We had thought about looking for jobs here in San Antonio, but even though it is the friendliest town we’ve ever visited, it’s not the right place for us.

We will still spend half the year in Ohio – we have family there, and I have a seasonal tour business (www.foodiefieldtripsohio.com). We will still travel extensively in the RV, but come January, we will be on the hunt for a winter home.