Beep, beep, beep. That’s the sound of us backing up


By Saimi Bergmann

OK, we have been out of touch, so let’s back up and catch up.

After circling the country clockwise (our first year fulltiming, we went counterclockwise), we hunkered down in San Antonio in December and January, then stayed in St. George, Utah, for February and March – thus managing to skip winter altogether!

We left the RV in Utah and spent the summer in Ohio, reconnecting with family and friends, and running the third season of Foodie Field Trips with partner Jennifer Mastroianni.

After a successful, sold-out tour season, we packed up (wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve packed or unpacked in the past two years) and headed west again, with a stop in Chicago to see the grandkids. Who are, of course, amazing. And speaking of amazing, get a load of this birthday cake my daughter, Katrina, made for her dad’s 60th birthday.  img_2080


Next, we drove to Colorado Springs at the invitation of my sister Susan. Her son, Thomas, is a cadet at the Air Force Academy there. The campus chapel is AMAZING.  It includes a Protestant chapel, a Catholic chapel, a Jewish temple and a Buddhist temple. If you happen to be visiting the nearby Garden of the Gods, make time to stop and see this architectural beauty. img_2165


Together again. Us and our car. Yay.


One of the toughest things about our style of fulltiming is surviving without a car. We do not tow a vehicle, so getting around can be a challenge, especially when the RV is parked somewhere remote.

We reunited with our car this summer in Ohio, then drove it to Utah where we had left the RV. I won’t lie, it’s been wonderful having that freedom again. Need groceries?  No need to make a 40 minute bike ride. Want to check out a state park that’s 30 miles away? You can be there in about 20 minutes instead of 3 hours. img_2247

If you, like us, find yourself without a car for whatever reason, here’s a tip.  Check out the weekend deal at Enterprise car rental. You can pick up the car at noon on Friday and return it by noon on Monday and pay $9.99 a day. With taxes and fees, it comes to $39 for the extended weekend. If you are reserving online, use promo code E999WES.