Together again. Us and our car. Yay.


One of the toughest things about our style of fulltiming is surviving without a car. We do not tow a vehicle, so getting around can be a challenge, especially when the RV is parked somewhere remote.

We reunited with our car this summer in Ohio, then drove it to Utah where we had left the RV. I won’t lie, it’s been wonderful having that freedom again. Need groceries?  No need to make a 40 minute bike ride. Want to check out a state park that’s 30 miles away? You can be there in about 20 minutes instead of 3 hours. img_2247

If you, like us, find yourself without a car for whatever reason, here’s a tip.  Check out the weekend deal at Enterprise car rental. You can pick up the car at noon on Friday and return it by noon on Monday and pay $9.99 a day. With taxes and fees, it comes to $39 for the extended weekend. If you are reserving online, use promo code E999WES.


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