Blind eyes and scorched birds.


When driving on Interstate 15 near the Nevada/California border, keep your sunglasses on.image image

We could not figure out what these blinding lights were as we drove into California. We saw these huge towers in the desert.   We had all kinds of guesses. Was this some kind of tourist attraction? Were they huge searchlights to attract people or grow something in the desert? Nope not even close. This is the new solar generating station created in 2014. Some people did not want the plant built because of the environmental impact to the Mojave Desert. This plant pitted environmentalists who want clean power against environmentalists who did not want any impact on the desert landscape.

Now some are reporting that birds are being scorched by this solar plant. See this story from the Daily Mail.





Presidential Libraries


As you might expect, the Presidential Libraries for Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton each have their own personality. Clinton’s was more like a library with “green” written all over it, from the recycled rubber floors to the ergonomic grass-covered rooftop. Reagan’s showplace in Simi Valley seemed to reflect his California lifestyle, and was more museum than a library. IMG_4165
IMG_4161IMG_4162This Marine One (pictured) was not used by Reagan. Five previous presidents used it. President Obama is still using the Marine One Reagan flew in.

Both libraries had replicated Oval Offices. Interestingly, Reagan chose earthy tones for his color scheme in the office. According to a Reagan Library docent, every president goes on a shopping spree, so to speak, at the Smithsonian to pick out items to decorate the oval office.
Every Oval Office features a portrait of George Washington hung over the fireplace. Reagan chose a portrait of a younger Washington while Clinton chose a portrait with a older Washington.IMG_4139

Clinton’s Oval OfficeIMG_3266




Favorite meal in Ventura


By Saimi Rote Bergmann

Best meal we ate in Ventura? It’s a tie.

Lunch at “Rice” and… dinner at “Rice.”  Yep, we did something we rarely do – ate twice at the same restaurant.  Then we did something we never do – ORDERED THE SAME MEAL.

Fabulous Thai curry. “Brown” rice that is actually maroon.  And crisp taquito-sized eggrolls that prompted me to do another thing I rarely do – eat an entire egg roll.

If you visit Ventura, you’ll see two restaurants named “Rice,” just one block apart.  The family that owned the original restaurant had a disagreement and some members left and started a second restaurant, using the same name and the same menu.

We chose the restaurant with the sidewalk seating (not sure which part of the family we sided with!). Being from gray Ohio, we are like cats, seeking sunbeams wherever we can. So we ate outside, and  marveled at the sun, the warm breeze and the lack of bugs.IMG_4101IMG_4106