Alien spacecraft in New Mexico?


By Mark Bergmann

Area 51 near Roswell, New Mexico is famous for space aliens. But could there have been another UFO sited in New Mexico?IMG_4989
According to the placard at the White Sands Missile Range, the craft government officials flew there in 1972 looked like a flying saucer but was actually a “Balloon Launched Decelerator Test Vehicle.” This contraption was used to test the Viking Mars Lander Decelerator. A helium-filled balloon attached to the vehicle, lifted off near Roswell and carried the craft to high altitude. It then drifted west to White Sands. At this point, the BLDT was released from the balloon and rockets sent the BLDT on a arched trajectory at 1.2 times the speed of sound. A parachute was deployed to complete the test.IMG_4991